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Twenty Things About Me

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 9, 2014, 4:35 AM

Inspired by TwilightPoetess and DrippingWords, who have also done this recently. I managed to think of some things that I hoped would be interesting, but there's some very dull stuff in there too. Well, you be the judge. ;)

1. I'm a fussy eater. I'm much better than I was when I was a child, but still fussy anyhow.

2. I have a real problem with the way I am treated/spoken to/perceived by some members of my family, but I am not brave enough to confront them about it. I prefer to avoid them, and then when I do have to see them and they anger me, I am quietly furious for days afterwards.

3. Very occasionally, when I'm online I read negative reviews of books I like. If the reviewers have intelligent reasons for their opinions then, of course, I'm fine with it. But I deliberately annoy myself by finding reviewers who have completely misunderstood the book or failed to take into account the historical context. I also curl my lip disdainfully at smug, sarcastic reviews that think they are being amusing.

4. The last few times I have attempted to read Peter Pan, I couldn't get past the first chapter because it was too awful (in my opinion - no need to get upset if you're a fan!).

5. I have a Watership Down shelf in my room. On it are: a copy of the novel (my second, since my first is held together with brown, peeling Sellotape and creased from cover to cover, [but I can never throw it away]); a copy of Tales from Watership Down (my first, not too well worn, since it's a hardback and I don't read it much); an abridged audiobook on eight cassettes, read by Andrew Sachs; a DVD of the movie (well watched); a DVD boxset of the cartoon series (not so well watched); a plush toy Fiver from the cartoon series; a plastic rabbit my brother found lying on the floor at work, that we agree looks just like General Woundwort.

6. I don't like yellow at all. I like every other primary and secondary colour in at least some shade, and my favourite is blue. I do not buy into the theory that people who like blue are dull and sensible and conservative, and people who like yellow are sunny and cheerful.

7. To me, peanut butter is Satan's vomit.

8. My favourtie flowers are tulips.

9. My favourite poem is 'The Changeling' by Charlotte Mew.

10. Beauty and the Beast was the first film I ever saw in the cinema. It was also the first Disney movie I ever saw. When I saw the Disney logo at the start, I thought it would surely be awful, because I disliked Mickey Mouse etc. and preferred Loony Tunes by miles. I wasn't only pleasantly surprised by the film - I was blown away.

11. One thing I saved from my childhood is my collection of all the Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars action figures that were ever released, and the two space ship toys, and I know exactly where they are. The only bit of any of them that got lost along the way was Willy DuWitt's glasses.

12. I've watched the Indiana Jones trilogy twice in my life, and have now given up on it. It is extremely boring to me. But if I had to watch one again, I'd choose the third (whose name I have forgotten and don't care what it is).

13. My favourite March sister (Little Women, in case you didn't know) is Amy, but I couldn't say why, and I don't have to try because I'm not at school.

14. I will never, ever, ever in my life ride on a rollercoaster, no matter what reward I may be offered.

15. The people I most admire are Queen Elizabeth I, Boudicca and Walt Disney.

16. I think that Jedward is one of the best things in the world today. Certainly they are two of the best people, having such enthusiasm for everything they do and wishing not the slightest harm on anyone or anything. Jedward's Big Adventure is one of my favourite shows currently on TV (which possibly isn't saying much). This may not mean much to people outside the UK and Northern Ireland, but oh well.

17. I would much rather be rich than good looking (sadly I haven't much experience of either). I do know how lucky I am, and yet sometimes - just sometimes - I long for wealth. (I stick by number 14, though - not even for six figures would I ride a rollercoaster!)

18. I hate jealousy. It bugs me how often fictional characters get jealous of each other, especially women, in things which are often written by men, not wishing to sound sexist (but perhaps I do anyway). I made up my mind long ago to try never to be jealous of anything, but I'm not saying I never do get jealous. I'm afraid it's inevitable when it comes to something I really, really, really want. But that isn't often, and it is generally short-lived, as I am so determined to overcome it.

19. When I was nine, I felt sick at school one day, and with about fifteen minutes to go before home time I threw up all over my Aztecs project. It is now a standing joke that if I see anything to do with Aztecs, it will make me physically sick (although the joke does seem to have died down a bit in recent years).

20. The first idea I had of what I wanted to be when I grew up was a nurse. This was a very, very long time ago, and I can't imagine what made me think of it. Perhaps I didn't know of many professions to choose from. I am so not suited to nursing, because I'm not really a good enough human being! I dislike long hours, stressful situations, body discharge, sickness and hospitals. It was shortly after I went into a hospital for the first time in my life (not counting my birth, obviously), to see my grandmother begin to deteriorate after her stroke, that I realised I absolutely did not want to be a nurse. The whole notion was a long way behind me before I discovered that I wasn't much use in school science lessons either.

And that is the end of my twenty things. Thank you for reading. :)

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I am romantic about childhood, and about past times. I love children's books and films, especially those produced during my childhood or before I was born. I have a Victorian-style dolls' house, and a collection of porcelain dolls that I started when I was eight. I love these things, and feel very proud of them.

I like historical novels and period costume dramas. I've been fascinated by Henry VIII and his six wives ever since I learned about them, from the best teacher in the world, at age nine. Other favourite historical periods include the reigns of Charles II and Queen Victoria.

I love animals, and find them terribly interesting, even if I don't find them all cute. My favourite animals are cats, and my favourite cats - after my beloved tortie Kim and her predecessors - are tigers. The reasons for this are shallow: they're the biggest, the prettiest (I think) and the most often found in water, which is pretty cool.

I like myths and legends, and I particularly love fairytales and fairytale retellings. In fact, I like a lot things, many of which are listed in my 'Interests'. Anything I've missed out here will be somewhere in my gallery, my favourites and/or my back catalogue of rambly journals.



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